Automating cybersecurity reporting

Fabric is an open-source command-line tool for reporting workflow automation and a configuration language for reusable templates.

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An example of 'Weekly SOC Activity Overview' template and rendered Markdown content

Modern-day reporting practice

Focus on the message rather than the tedious writing.

Automated data collation

Fetch and combine relevant data from various data sources.

Data required in the template is gathered automatically through various integrations and made available for processing.


Break down the templates into reusable blocks.

The templates are made of building blocks that can be reused, simplifying the report creation and making the final product consistent.

Community of practice

Upskill your team by using the templates created by experts.

Fabric template repository provides a place for a community to collaborate on defining the modern state-of-the-art reporting practice.

Create rich documents with code

Modular templates made of reusable data- and content-blocks for ultimate flexibility.

Define data requirements right inside the templates, relying on a wide selection of integrations Fabric supports.

A screenshot of the data blocks defined in the Fabric template

The power of Generative AI

Fabric templates allow users to combine deterministic precise content with creative text produced by LLMs.

The synergy between predefined and dynamic content allows users to achieve a perfect balance between specificity and adaptability in their templates.

See how you can utilize LLMs in your templates

The template block that uses OpenAI LLM for content generation

Templates repository

A collection of open-source templates crafted to streamline your reporting processes, boost efficiency, and save valuable time.

We aim to create a community focused on modernizing and improving mission-critical communications in cybersecurity and compliance.

Fabric Templates GitHub

The examples of the Markdown documents rendered from the Fabric templates

The ecosystem of plugins

Integrate with various data sources and security solutions.

Improve clarity, save time and streamline collaboration

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