What’s Fabric?

Fabric is a user-friendly open-source command-line tool designed for reporting workflow automation. It comes with a versatile configuration language for reusable templates.

fabric CLI tool facilitates data collection from various sources and renders documents (reports, overviews, briefings, etc) from the templates in Fabric Configuration Language (FCL).

Fabric Configuration Language offers a structured approach to defining data requirements and content structures. With its human-readable intuitive syntax and powerful features, FCL empowers users to create reusable modular templates.

Together, Fabric CLI tool and FCL offer a comprehensive solution for organizations looking to formalize and streamline their content generation processes, enhancing their cyber-security and compliance efforts.

Get started

  • Install — how to install and run Fabric.
  • Fabric CLI — Fabric CLI usage details.
  • Tutorial — an extensive tutorial for starting with Fabric.
  • Language — Fabric Configuration Language details and main concepts.
  • Plugins — the documentation for the plugins Fabric supports.
  • Data Sources — the data sources supported.
  • Content Providers — the content providers supported.
  • Templates — the information about Fabric Templates library.