openai_text content provider

blackstork/openai, v0.4.1


To use openai_text content provider, you must install the plugin blackstork/openai.

To install the plugin, add the full plugin name to the plugin_versions map in the Fabric global configuration block (see Global configuration for more details), as shown below:

fabric {
  plugin_versions = {
    "blackstork/openai" = ">= v0.4.1"

Note the version constraint set for the plugin.


The content provider supports the following configuration parameters:

config content openai_text {
    api_key = <string>  # required
    organization_id = <string>  # optional
    system_prompt = <string>  # optional


The content provider supports the following execution parameters:

content openai_text {
    model = <string>  # optional
    prompt = <string>  # required